Best Coffee Spots Near 888 Hilgard

Fancy coffee in a cup with a spoon

With a new year upon us, there is no better time for a good cup of joe to wake you up for the week ahead. We’ve rounded up the best coffee spots in Westwood, so you can stay fully caffeinated going into the new year.

Ministry of Coffee Los Angeles

Right down the road from 888 Hilgard is our first beloved coffee spot, Ministry of Coffee! This farm fresh community coffee shop focuses on Australian coffee culture, with some Turkish influence as well. Their roasts are beautifully curated, and 100% organic. Give them a try the next time you need a pick-me-up!

Espresso Profeta

With 888 Hilgard conveniently located next to UCLA, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of options to wake you up for that early morning Zoom class, or to get you through those late-night study sessions. Another great coffee find in our community that is worth checking out is Espresso Profeta. There you can find various types of espresso drinks that are sure to give you an extra kick.

Elysee French Café

Looking for some baked goods to curb your breakfast cravings? No need to travel over the pond, just head down the block to Elysee French Café to get your favorite Parisian pastries as well as some delicious craft coffee. Also find classic comfort food, perfect for a well-balanced lunch or breakfast.

Every residence at 888 Hilgard also has its own coffee maker, so you can even get your caffeine fix in the comfort of your own home. Head out and pick up your favorite flavor of coffee beans to feed into our state-of-the-art coffee makers. For the perfect roast right in your kitchen. Living at 888 Hilgard marries convenience with luxury and style- making us your ideal Los Angeles destination. Call us at 866.681.0106 to book your stay.